I happen to find businesses and how they operate quite fascinating for some reason. Some questions I like to find out about companies are: do you hold a meeting once a week to discuss plans and keep the whole team on the same page? Does your company allow new hires vacation days right away or do they have to wait a year to “earn” it even if they get sick (I’ve never understood this model)? Do you allow your employees to work remotely if they need to (like a giant snow storm)?

I have worked at many different companies in my career and at each one I have been involved in many different hiring situations and I find the whole process very intriguing. How do you find good candidates that actually want to work for your company? How do you know this person won’t just quit in 1 year? Can this person actually do what I need to get done? These and many more are questions you will have when hiring a new team member.

My goal for SkillSift is to help you hire the best people for the positions you are hiring for so that your company can produce the results it needs in order to be successful.

One quote that I feel like describes the core of SkillSift is:

“Extremely simple programming tests are step one of any sane interview process. These tests should happen online, and the goal is not to prove that the candidate is some kind of coding genius, but that they know what the heck programming is. -Jeff Atwood, founder of Discourse

While it is a quote about hiring programmers I think it applies to any position and step one in any hiring process should involve some sort of basic test beyond just submitting your resume. This proves that the person is willing to spend some time investment to work for your company and is not just submitting resumes to every random company that appears to be hiring.

Your company is who you hire and besides turning a profit, hiring is one of the most important things your company does, yet many companies have terrible hiring processes, but we want to change that! We hope you stick around and subscribe to our newsletter, continue to read our blog, participate in our community forum, and signup for SkillSift so that your next hire is a great one.